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Top of the World!!

Had a nice dinner with a nineteen year old young man from Denmark named Mikkel. He quit his job helping handicapped children because they would only allow four weeks of vacation. He requires seven weeks for his Camino. Prior to my experience, I would have…

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I only have 340,145 steps left

Last night, some fellow walkers asked me to go hear the nuns sing at a night service. The pews were perpendicular to the rows of nuns. 16 nuns sat in unique chairs and were separated by an aisle. They looked like motionless mannequins until the…

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I lost the yellow arrows of comfort

Stayed and an Albergue Gil next to the Elvis Bar (as seen in The Way) in Reliegos last night. It was a room with three sets of bunks. Two of the three bunkmates were Judith and Annie. Both were childhood friends from Hungary, but Judith…

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