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Speaking to Healthwise!

Woah! Speaking to the Boise State Emeritus Guild has opened many more doors for additional opportunities to speak. My next speech is a private engagement with a local corporation named Healthwise. The entire company has been invited to hear the inspirational speech scheduled for Feb…

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Speaking to the Boise State University Emeritus Guild

Several weeks into my presentation / speaking project, I began to put our feelers to people that may have interest in hearing about this topic. A dear friend helped me obtain an audience at a local college. On January 23, I spent 90 minutes as…

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My Inner Zig Zigglar

While I was not writing about the Camino, I was busy flapping my jaws about the adventure. It did not matter who, what, or where… I miraculously turned the conversation into a discussion about my trip in Spain. In my previous business life, my expertise…

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