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“It is time we no talk about this no more”

Woke up this AM and started walking around 7:00. Parting with five Euros made my hands very happy due to a new set of gloves that almost fit. Most days, my fingers were so coil that unbuttoning the pants created a problem. I walked with…

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My Shadows

Hola, Well, I cannot seem to shake Peter (my German friend). This will be six of seven nights in the same Albergue without any planning. Every day, I pass through 4-6 villages with 2-4 places to stay. It is quite astounding. I have a few…

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Day 3: What are the Chances?

This has been absolutely astounding and it is only day three. The first day was 27KM, yesterday was 40KM, and today was 27KM. I am on schedule to finish on the 13th of October. I fly home on the 15th. The Hostels have been great….

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