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Super Day!!

While I am definitely a football fan, this Super Bowl Sunday was much more personal for me. I knew it was coming, but there is nothing like the anticipation of a big story in a local newspaper. There will likely never be another day where…

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Top of the World!!

Had a nice dinner with a nineteen year old young man from Denmark named Mikkel. He quit his job helping handicapped children because they would only allow four weeks of vacation. He requires seven weeks for his Camino. Prior to my experience, I would have…

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The “Saint of Butt Wipe”

On the 22nd, I woke up in Villamayor at a great Albergue. It was connected to a four star hotel and we had access to the facilities. Around 6:00 AM, several women tentatively approached me for a favor. The ladies room was without paper and…

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