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The “Saint of Butt Wipe”

On the 22nd, I woke up in Villamayor at a great Albergue. It was connected to a four star hotel and we had access to the facilities. Around 6:00 AM, several women tentatively approached me for a favor. The ladies room was without paper and…

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My Shadows

Hola, Well, I cannot seem to shake Peter (my German friend). This will be six of seven nights in the same Albergue without any planning. Every day, I pass through 4-6 villages with 2-4 places to stay. It is quite astounding. I have a few…

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My Feet Hurt and My Ass is Sore

All is can say is wow. In fact double wow is not enough. I woke up in St. Jean in a cramped hostel with 12 people in a room that is smaller than our bedroom. Had some coffee, bread, and began the walk. From what…

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