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Holy Soled – RIP

I spent the night in a quiet hotel that respected the size of my body. While comfort was present, the thoughts of breaking in the extra-large Patagonia’s interrupted my dreams. After a restless night, the new day began around 7:30 with a nice hot shower,…

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I lost the yellow arrows of comfort

Stayed and an Albergue Gil next to the Elvis Bar (as seen in The Way) in Reliegos last night. It was a room with three sets of bunks. Two of the three bunkmates were Judith and Annie. Both were childhood friends from Hungary, but Judith…

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On the Camino, All People Walk Like Penguins

I woke up in another hotel. The privacy was nice. This was a cheap place for rest. It was very cool and crisp in the AM. I would imagine around 45 degrees at best. The stars were shining when I started the walk at 7:00….

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