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I lost the yellow arrows of comfort

Stayed and an Albergue Gil next to the Elvis Bar (as seen in The Way) in Reliegos last night. It was a room with three sets of bunks. Two of the three bunkmates were Judith and Annie. Both were childhood friends from Hungary, but Judith…

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Not sure which is more callused, my head or feet

I had dinner with Angelo and Sandra last night. They were born in Cuba and left in 1966. They became engaged prior to leaving, but were not able to leave at the same time. Both had some wealth, but it was completely taken when they…

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My Shadows

Hola, Well, I cannot seem to shake Peter (my German friend). This will be six of seven nights in the same Albergue without any planning. Every day, I pass through 4-6 villages with 2-4 places to stay. It is quite astounding. I have a few…

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