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There is never a sense of loneliness

Had a big dinner with Alberto (Spain), Zenira (Brazil), Lou (Vermont), Courtney (Australia), Melinda/Annette (South Africa), and Mikkel (Denmark). There is a tremendous sense of community throughout the Camino. Everyone is always welcome at any table. Each person has some form of nagging pain, yet…

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“It is time we no talk about this no more”

Woke up this AM and started walking around 7:00. Parting with five Euros made my hands very happy due to a new set of gloves that almost fit. Most days, my fingers were so coil that unbuttoning the pants created a problem. I walked with…

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If the previous 24 hours were my last, I could not be more content

I did not think that it was possible to top the long foot massage. In retrospect, it was the beginning of a magical night. The plan was to have the group prepare dinner, attend mass, then eat around 8:00. About 10 minutes before 8:00, the…

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