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I truly feel like I’ve won the lottery

Woke up in my one star hotel and took a nice warm shower. Filled the tub with hot water and soaked my feet while eating some bread, banana, and apple. I walked without effort in a relaxed manner for the entire day. If you are…

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Top of the World!!

Had a nice dinner with a nineteen year old young man from Denmark named Mikkel. He quit his job helping handicapped children because they would only allow four weeks of vacation. He requires seven weeks for his Camino. Prior to my experience, I would have…

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“It is time we no talk about this no more”

Woke up this AM and started walking around 7:00. Parting with five Euros made my hands very happy due to a new set of gloves that almost fit. Most days, my fingers were so coil that unbuttoning the pants created a problem. I walked with…

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