Surrender Yoga will be available in four to six weeks.  I accumulated the experiences for five years and began the writing process in January of 2018.  On the first day of writing and each following day, I felt like a baby chick staring at a grain elevator and being told not to leave until my plate was clean.  The starting point is truly a blank word document.  That point requires some serious yoga breathing.

For me, a good day of writing involves my butt in the seat and keyboard clicking for three to four hours.  The brain melting point must be the 240 minute mark because I never make it past that time.  Most days are not even close to 240.  Perhaps the promised land of easy prose resides at minute 241.  I dare to dream.

Some days begin with the blank page and a block of time.  After writing a few sentences, I glance outside and see that my yard has grown half an inch since the last scalping.  Without effort and in a hypnotic state, I would find myself pushing the mower, edging the grass, pulling weeds, power blowing the sidewalks, and hand watering the dry sections.  Hard to find time to type, but there is always time to drive to Lowes to replenish the string for my trimmer.  The siren song from my mountain bike is even worse.  I can always type tomorrow.

Each time I fall off the writing wagon, the grain pile seems larger and larger.  I need content, copy editing, cover design, content editing, interior book design, photos for each chapter, and a plan to sell a few copies.  A feeling of being smothered and slowly suffocating.

Being overwhelmed is part of  life and learning to deal with it puts air back into my lungs.  On the days that I stick to the plan by typing and avoiding temptation, I usually find myself with more energy and a sense of accomplishment.  Nothing happens overnight, but almost anything can be done with commitment and determination.

Walking 500 miles happens one step at a time.  Writing a book happens one word at a time.