Lighten Up

I snuck out of town last week and moved into a 225 square-foot home in the jungle of Costa Rica.  The town is Nosara and my abode is near Playa Guiones.  This is a sleepy surfer town with an intense yoga vibe and a passion for health.  Good food, clean living, and Spanish lessons are on my agenda for the next thirty days.

One of my main reasons for traveling here is to complete the first draft of my next book.  It will be about my travel and spiritual experiences in Rishikesh India.  Over the past three years, I have spent four months in that town.  The finale (but not final) part of the experience was completing a 200 hour yoga/meditation teacher training with Surinder Singh.  My all time favorite yogi!

Prior to leaving town, my dear friends (Carlos and Diane) left a voice message asking if they could drive me to the airport.  I was a bit perplexed with their request because they live in another city that is over a hundred miles from my home.   They came down and stayed with me for a few days.  On the night before the trip, Diane cooked an amazing meal including fresh grilled salmon, pasta with capers, an immaculate salad, and oatmeal raisin cookies.  They also invited my mom for the farewell feast.

My mom’s husband passed in August and she is adjusting to a solo life in a big home.  Last year, Carlos and Diane retired and had to make a tough decision on where to live.  Two homes did not jive with their financial plans.  They have lived in their Boise home for the past twenty-nine years and also bought a smaller condominium in McCall, Idaho about five years ago.  Had I placed a wager, I would be paying because they selected McCall as their one and only home.

During dinner, my mom asked how they felt on the day they walked out of their Boise home for the last time.  Much to our surprise, they said is was very easy.   They eloquently explained that the house was just a physical structure.  The home was raising two incredible girls, dealing with the ups and downs of life, and adding twenty-nine years to their odometers.

Ever since that dinner chat, I have been trying to make a list of my major attachments.  I would encourage you to get a pad and paper and start your own list.  Not all attachments are bad, but it is a good idea to shine some light on the subject to make sure you are not carrying too much weight from yesterday into today.

I know that walking The Camino was very liberating and all I had was a small backpack.  Living in the ashram in India is hardly luxurious, but I had some of the greatest moments of my life in India.  Maybe my time in this tiny home will clarify what really makes me happy.

Nothing can fly with too much weight on the wings.  Lighten the load and drift higher!