Beautiful Changes

Spring is booming in my hometown.  The foothills have been carpet bombed with bright yellow balsamroot flowers.  Icy waters are barely contained by the river and creek beds.  Yellow fuzzballs sprint across the water trying to keep up with their elder grey goose parents in the stream behind my home.    The ornamental trees are trying to one up each other with their fabulous floral shows.  The red buds are budding and the silver bells are belling.  A tiny gust of wind fills the air with blossom petals.  In the blink of an eye, the entire scene will be replaced with green leaves and warmer temperatures.

All seasons serve as great reminders to embrace change and disavow attachments.  Change rarely seems natural.  We naturally repel change and tend to retreat into our comfort zones.  Melting snowpack finds comfort as it travels down known paths.  Unless there is a dam, gravity carves deeper and wider paths as the water makes the annual trek to the oceans.  Our thoughts flow through similar channels in the mind.  The easiest path is the one with the least amount of resistance.  Laziness builds walls and the lack of challenges creates a hypnotic state of life.  Without realizing what is happening, we find comfort by sleepwalking through each day.  Change represents uncertainty and we do not expect hidden surprises when we think we are in control.

Change happens with or without consent.    It is much better to initiate change using free will than to let natural change shift our path in a dramatic fashion.  Scary situations become scarier when they take on monster-like forms in the darker corners of the mind.  The world isn’t as frightening as you might think and there are lots of things out there that are potentially life enhancing but you have to explore them.  Pushing boundaries are the best ways to suppress unrealistic fears.  A person that has never run a mile sees a mountain without a summit.   A marathon runner sees the first mile as a warm-up lap.  Make the unknown known and the comfort zone expands from a cramped postage stamp to a spacious football field.

Resisting change makes us feel like being dragged through life.   Yesterday is history and today will not be the same.  Yes, those are wrinkles on your forehead.  Yes, all relationships will change including the ones with your family, your lover, and yourself.  When we resist, we are always wanting something that is not.  There can never be stillness in mind when this never ending conflict is present.

If you don’t make change, change will make you!