Shatter It!

From time to time we all act in a manner that can be quite repulsive.  The main culprit in this bad behavior is likely the root of most evil……….the  ego.  If we are not careful it will sneak up behind us when we least expect it and cause us to act in ways that are not in our best interest.

The ego is the part that makes us yearn to be special, seek approval, revel in accolades, and a constant reminder of our unworthiness.  It makes you feel superior or inferior at the same time.  Many are familiar with the arrogance of superiority but the inferior component can be equally destructive.  Living life handcuffed to the ego is as foolish as running a marathon with barbed wire binding both ankles.

The best way to detach is through awareness.  Recognizing and acknowledging certain behavior patterns is the first step to disengage the autopilot.  Do you feel elevated when gossiping about other people’s flaws?  Do you constantly compare your life situation to others?  Are you jealous when other people do well?  Do you need to win all arguments at the expense of other people’s feelings?  Is blame your best friend?   When these patterns pop-up, realize that you are not flying the plane.

While in India, I go to Swasti Yoga each day and practice with Surinder Singh.  At the end of class, he always tells a very nice story that forces the mind to see things from a different angle.  In one class, he explained a traditional Hindu custom of leaving coconut as a temple offering.  There are multiple symbolic reasons, but my favorite relates to the ego.  The shell is so hard on the outside but the inside is soft and sweet.  The coconut being broken symbolizes the breaking of the ego-the biggest thing coming in the way of personal and spiritual development.

The ego thrives by dosing out massive quantities of fear on a daily basis.  It has no other purpose!  Imagine all the places you could go, things you could do, hearts you could touch, and souls you could strum if fear was not present in your life.

Shatter your shell!