Dung Happens

The cow is sacred and deeply respected throughout India.  The people of India rely on the cow for milk and dung.  The milk is said to have a calming effect and helpful with meditation.  Ghee is used as fuel for fire worship which is the highest form of prayer for the Hindus.  The gentle nature of the cow fits well with the Hindu concept to do no harm to any animal.  The dung is used for fuel and fertilizer.  There is an ample supply!

One morning in the ashram, a woman from London was quizzing me as I filled my water bottle from the filtration system.  She was very concerned that it was a farce and that parasites would attack her system.  I assured her that many gallons made it through my body without issues.  I could see that my comment did not provide the antidote to her fear.   Later in the same day, I saw her on the main strip by the Ganges River (Mother Ganga).  Her eyes were completely fixated on the ground below her feet.  She was determined to accomplish an impossible task by walking through India without getting cow poo on the shoe.

I have never in my life seen such beauty as the entire scene around Mother Ganga at Rishikesh.  Based on water volume, it is the third largest river in the world.  She begins the day as a cold gray color that morphs into teal with the first hint of sun.  The afternoon rays turn the water into a deep shade of turquoise.  The omnipresent red sunsets cast an orange glow to put the waters to bed.  The surface appears as a mesmerizing piece of art with massive swirls and current pushing and tugging the waters in divergent paths.  The mouth of the river is tucked nearby in the magnificent Himalayan Mountains that surround the city.   Each drop of water travels a relentless 1,569 miles before entering the Bay of Bengal.

I am quite sure my friend from London was so fixated on avoiding the shit that she never had a chance to imbibe the beauty.  Dung happens on the streets of India and in our daily lives.  Today in America, we face a rather odiferous election.  No matter the result, at least half of the country will see nothing more than a street filled with dung.  Anger and regret will not change the outcome.  Contrary to media reports, the earth will still spin on Wednesday.  Instead of being fixated on the smelly situation, just step over it, look up,  and find beauty on the horizons.

Happiness abounds when we harmonize with the circumstances.