My mom was born a bit more than 4,000 weeks ago.  Last Sunday, we celebrated her 81st year on this earth.  With her unique passion for life, the fiesta began at The Flicks in Boise where we watched The Beatles:  Eight Days a Week.  I offered to take her to any restaurant in town and was sure she would select one of the finer dining joints featuring flaming steak or soft leather seating. Instead, she opted for The Golden Star which serves cheap and greasy Chinese food.

When a person looks forward, there are always dreams of something better.  The mind is quick to play trickery by suggesting  a new lover, a promotion, adventure, or even a flashy red car.  With the same viewpoint turned to the past, the moments that matter rarely involve material items or gratuitous interludes  The best memories are always about being with those that we love.  A powerful lesson from the past that clearly shows a path to future happiness.

With all the advances in technology, the 61 second minute has never been cracked. How much of your time is consumed by chasing more power, a bigger paycheck, more status, a bigger home, or shiny new wheels?  Madison Avenue sells a life of unattainable dreams shrouded in having more stuff.  How about changing your wants and diverting your most precious commodity to something that really matters. Express gratitude for abundance and stop wasting another moment thinking about what you do NOT have.  Take a deep breath and ask yourself “What, at this moment, is lacking?”

What is the return on two hours spent with your child at a local park?  When was the last time you enjoyed an afternoon nap?  Do you ever walk hand-in-hand with a lover in nature?  These activities are great sources of happiness.

Always reevaluate your purpose on the hamster wheel of life.  Once you discover magic in the smaller moments it will never leave you.