Don’t Hate the Wait

Some of my best friends have opened the doors of their resort condo to me.  It is located in a lakeside community that resembles a slice of heaven.  McCall, Idaho is my home for the remainder of this week.  The scenic two hour drive winds through canyons and the smokey skies of Boise were replaced with crystal blue fresh mountain air.  Upon arrival, I stopped at the local Albertsons to stock up on groceries for the long week.  There were four lanes open and each one had about eight carts filled with heaping mounds of food and sundries.  My attachment to the current moment was severed as I was forced into waiting.

How much of your life do you spend waiting?  Like my grocery experience, some are minor and include waiting for stamps at the post office, a latte at Starbucks, or entry to a popular film.  Many take on more significance like waiting for a vacation, kids to grow up, or a job promotion.   Many people spend an entire life waiting to start living because they think there is always something better around each corner. Unfortunately, that corner is followed by another and another…

Waiting is really just a state of mind.  It means you do not want what you’ve got, but desire what you haven’t got.  It suffocates the present moment because perceived happiness only exists in the mind-projected future.  Always another place or life situation and never the here and now.

Many people are waiting for wealth.  There is some ridiculous gene that equates dollars in the bank or cars in a garage with happiness.  If you take time to fully honor and accept where you are, your current situation, who you are, and what you are doing, then you become grateful for what you have.  Gratitude for the current moment is true wealth.

Learn to not hate the wait.  Next time your mind cuts the cord to the present moment, just realize what is happening and snap out of it.  My grocery line wait became much more enjoyable when I used the time to express gratitude for being vertical and breathing fresh mountain air.