No Problema

Last Friday I did a long mountain bike ride in the Boise foothills.  I love the body movements, the connection to nature, and the meditative nature of biking on dirt.  I finished the ride at Starbucks and celebrated life with a vanilla latte and their new S’mores Bar.  I found a perfect table and began to enjoy my rewards.  The couple at the table next to me did not share my enthusiasm for the day.  I had the unfortunate experience of hearing their non-stop festival of complaining.  It began with Trump, swerved into Hillary, twisted into distaste for the heat, a temporary stop to bitch about the barista service, and a full blown crash into a wall of worry about their daughter’s boyfriend.  I plugged in my headphones, took a bite of my sweet treat, and admired the blue sky.

Stress and tension sprout from too much focus on the future.  Anger and envy are roots from too much time dwelling on the past.  The solution is to deny both by spending time in the present moment.  We all have things from the past that did not quite turn out as planned or written in the fairy tale books.  Resistance to that event will always keep you out of the current moment.  Hope for change is a common reaction, but hope forces the mind into the future.  Both situations suffocate and smother the life force required to bathe in the moment.   99.9% of the time, the present moment is free of problems and exactly where we need to reside.

Ask yourself if you really have a problem at this moment.  Not a shining trophy from yesterday or a potential doozy in twenty minutes.  A real problem real-time.  Tap into your senses and look without interpretation.  Use your ears to listen without judgement.  Feel the air coming in and out of your body.  This is where you will find the now.  Also known as a problem-free nirvana.

Many people call bullshit on this theory.  They claim that time spent in the now is no better than burying your head in the sand.  Nothing more than an advanced evasion tactic.  My argument is that problems need time to survive.  Otherwise, they are dealt with when they truly arise or are accepted “as is” and no longer worthy of time.

The mind and ego must have problems and use them as fuel for life.  The love exists because it gives a sense of identity.  The insanity of this lifestyle is obliterated when you realize that a problem is no more than the mind becoming obsessed with a situation where there is no possibility of an action taking place.  Juggling a million mental solutions prevents you from taking action on the one and only thing that you can do now.

Cut the chains that bind to yesterday and disengage from the cart that constantly pulls you forward.  The serenity lies in that space!  Similar to a canoe on a glassy undisturbed mountain lake. Yesterday and tomorrow are the equivalent of waves and wind on the water.  Enjoying where and what you are doing will eliminate both.  So much better to glide through the smooth waters of life…….