Hope in Hopeless

Venezuela tried a social experiment to spread the wealth.  Hugo’s 35-year old daughter is reported to be worth $4.2 billion and the country is on the verge of collapse with long lines for butter and a currency hardly worth ass wipe.  Syria continues to drop crude explosive devices riddled with screws and bolts on civilian populations.  The UK just gave a huge finger to the rest of Europe.   A lunatic sprayed bullets into a Florida dance club.  At least 175 million Americans will be severely disappointed on November 9.  Bad things happen to good people.

Utter chaos creates an overwhelming imbalance in the soul.  In an attempt to nudge the orbit back on track, many hang out with like minded people and continue to become the world’s greatest problem identifiers.  Some people satiate the imbalance by dropping some coin in the mail to an entity promising dreams and a different outcome.  Another popular sedative is to join a divisive political group advertising a solution “down the road” built on the premise of bigger and stronger walls.

A pebble dropped into a lagoon obviously creates some waves.  The world seems to be launching intergalactic boulders into the oceans at an accelerating pace.  An individual has not a chance in this fight, but collectively the solution lies in our own hands.  Lets drop billions of kind stones into local ponds.

I live in a neighborhood where we take care of each other.  My beliefs vary widely from my neighbors, but I do not shy from cutting their grass when they take vacation. Nor does it prevent them from deadheading my flowers when I wander the world.  At some point, we have all fired a lethal shot into the heart of those closest to our hearts……family.  Never reload.  Never again.

Sticking with the local kindness theme, evaluate how you treat yourself.  We all have an inner voice that can make the cruelest seem angelic.  For an experiment, turn that inner voice into a fictitious roommate for 24 hours.  Would you ever tolerate sharing space with that red-tailed monkey?  Evict and then redecorate the interior with love and kindness.

It is very easy to be overwhelmed with the inhumane problems that rain down on a daily basis.  The best umbrella is to shower kindness on all those that cross your path.