I recently booked a Seattle trip to visit an old friend from college.  At the Delta Air checkout, a note popped up informing me that there are only 58 days until the flight. It struck a nerve because I booked the visit for the tail end of July.  Is late summer really only 58 days from today?  That made me think about my pal.  Did I really graduate college 30 years ago?  On May 27, my stepfather turned 86, my mom is 80, and my brother’s little girl graduated from high school last weekend.

When looking into the future, time seems to have some infinite qualities.  In the rear-view mirror, most events seems like moments ago.  For a humbling exercise, count the years between today and some significant events in your life.  Start with your first kiss, graduating high school, and walking down the isle.

Here is a short passage from my book that opened my eyes to the rapid pace of time:

Later, I passed a sign pointing east with the word Santiago and 518 KM. This meant that in nine days of walking I had already covered about one-third of the Camino. It was a bit of a wake-up call as I felt time disintegrating at a rapid pace. I calculated that 17,740 days separated my birth from that day. If I am lucky and live to age 80, I had roughly 11,000 days to go.

Most people have a list of dreams or passions that will all be achieved or experienced at some future point in time.  Many are vague dreams like traveling the world after retirement, having a certain number of dollars saved, or even writing a book.  At your current pace, are any of these goals realistic?

More importantly, most of us have a future emotion that we falsely believe will be triggered by a future event.  Some common thoughts are how free you will feel at retirement, how life will be bliss when the nest is empty, or how much better things will be after the promotion.  For some ridiculous reason, we tolerate current unhappiness for the illusion of future happiness.

The only guarantee in this short dance is the current moment.  That is the time to take action on your goals, find peace in your head, and happiness in your heart. Doing the same thing yesterday, yesterweek,  and yesteryear is not a path to change.  Our tombstones have a beginning and ending date.  Make sure to take full advantage of the dash…….