##it Happens

Last week, I had a very strange day that was plagued by small struggles.  While brushing my teeth, I looked out the window to find that my rented motorcycle was laying on its side in the rock driveway. The massive rain from the previous night had softened the earth and the kickstand sank into the soil.  The impact broke a mirror and cracked the plastic around the rear blinker.

The carburetor was flooded with gas, so I compression started the bike to take me down the mile-long hill to yoga.  I practice on a regular basis and find that these classes usually leave me feeling refreshed.  Not on this day.  My physique was not cooperating and the teacher seemed to call out every pose that irritated my aging knees.

After class, the instructor gave me some good advice on fixing the motorcycle. I drove seven kilometers to a small town and found the repair shop.  They fixed everything for $10.  A ray of hope was birthed at that moment.

I studied Spanish for a few hours in the hot afternoon and decided to try a Yin Yoga class to top off the night.  I tried to start the motorcycle but it was just not meant to be.  Another ray of hope appeared as my landlord was driving by and offered me a ride to class.   For those that do not practice, Yin is a restorative class that involves very little effort and includes massive quantities of total relaxation. Not this time.  It was nothing but struggles.

After class, I found that my ride was one-way because my landlord had plans for dinner in town with a friend.  In the dark, I began the mile-long hike up a very steep hill to my abode.  I was using my cell phone as a flashlight.  After a few minutes of walking, the sky unloaded with a tropical downpour.  The huge drops plastered the earth and completely soaked my clothes within minutes.  Fearing that the moisture would cause my phone to short circuit, I repeatedly put it in and out of my drenched short’s pocket.  At some point, the wet cash in my wet pocket decided to piggyback the phone.  80,000 Colones ($160) silently fell onto the muddy road.

Upon arrival at my house, I took a long shower, snorted an Ambien, and quickly fell asleep.

I woke up feeling very refreshed.  The sun was shining and the motorcycle owner showed up at 7:00 to fix the bike.  Within minutes it was running like a champ.  I spent some time thinking about the lost money and came to the conclusion that some lucky person was probably having a great day with their unexpected jackpot.  The only people that walk up and down that hill cannot afford transportation so it likely found needy hands.   I drove down the hill and enjoyed a vibrant yoga class.  After practice, a nice lady asked me to spend the afternoon with her on the beach.

On the previous day as each bad thing happened, I let it flow through me.  What is the point of a negative reaction to an event that has already happened and cannot be changed?  Would a mental lashing put the cash back in my pocket or reattach the broken mirror to the bike?  There will always be bumps in the inevitable road of life. Recognize that they are really insignificant moments.  Their death can be immediate and painless unless the crafty mind provides an extended life.  Stay positive and relish the days when the wind is at your back.