Natural Cleaning

Montezuma Costa Rica is in the midst of a severe dry season.  The locals tell me it is the worst in 20 years.  Upon arrival, the greenness of the jungle was cleverly disguised by a brownish red dust coating everything in sight.  During the past four or five days, rainfall has continuously drenched the land providing a much needed bath.

Water is the source of life and after the first downpour a wide variety of new bugs sprang to life.  Some are traditional like flying ants and others look like small acorns with wiry miniature legs.  While their time on earth is fresh, their young minds direct them indoors which makes for a buggy household.  At night, turning on a reading lamp can be an adventure.  After a few days, the infestation subsides but there is a decent amount of dead evidence laying on the floors.

That is where the limpiadoras or cleaning ants come into the picture.  These king sized creepy crawlers amass in armies of thousands.  They form multiple lanes of single file lines.   Think of a miniature five lane freeway of enormous ants.  Their march is an amazing dance as they invade homes.  They arrive, spend a few hours cleaning up everything, then they disappear without a trace.  Time is the only answer as they seem impervious to chemicals and carry a stinging bite.  While this is far from a pleasant experience, the aftermath is fine.  Things works themselves out.

Now imagine when your life becomes clouded or discolored by layers of relentless situations.  Have you carried the weight of the world like a dust covered leaf?  From this distorted viewpoint, clear thoughts are not the norm.   Self-pity does not create refreshing rain.  Time does.

Sometime we get so worn out that our existence resembles a house full of dead bug carcasses.  At the weakest moment, king sized ants appear.  Maybe it is finding a cheating spouse in bed with a friend. Maybe it is getting fired from a lifelong job.  Perhaps the death of loved one.  In the midst of the chaos, resisting what is happening is a waste of time and energy.  Like trying to stop the invading armies with a few sprays raid.

There are many times when a cosmic two-by-four smacks hard from behind.  Next time it happens, take a step back and realize it may be nature setting you back on the right track.