Lluvia Púrpura


On the day I arrived in Montezuma, Dagmar greeted me at the base of her luxury treehouse.  She is my friend, landlord, and extraordinary yoga teacher.  On the way up the stairs she said, “Do you know that Prince died today?”  My suddenly blank mind quickly dove into surreal mode.

Around 5:30 we regrouped and drove about a mile down a huge hill to her yoga studio.  It is an open air gazebo with ocean views and a constant sound of waves bashing into the nearby sand.  With the sun gone for the day, our illumination came from multi-colored paper globe lights that dangled from the ceiling.  Michelle treated the group to 90 minutes of amazing Yin Yoga.  After class, we joined a group of friends for Sushi.  Throughout the meal we shared Prince stories.  Dagmar was fortunate to see him perform four times.

The next morning, she picked me up on her way to teach a Vinyasa class.  Her nerves were on edge because she was nervous about using a newly created playlist of Prince tunes.  The beats are usually associated with a dance party, not a yoga class.

During her intro, she shared a very emotional tribute about our common loss.  The chat quickly turned positive when she said, “His death is a perfect reminder that we only have one chance on this planet.  Do not wait for things to happen and cherish each moment.”  Moments later we were flowing to “Cream” and “When Dove Cry.”

A legend’s death is always a reminder that everything on this planet is temporary.  “Pura Vida” is a common greeting used throughout Costa Rica.  There really is nothing more.

Next time you are wallowing in a sea of sadness, take a deep breath and fill your body with gratitude.  One day, it will not be an option.