Delusions and Illusions

My niece turns 18 in April and fantasizes about how perfect her life will be after that magic birthday.  She can finally move in with her boyfriend, smoke cannabis without inhibition, and never have to deal with her unreasonable parents. On this upcoming glorious day, the string will be cut and the kite flies to purgatory unimpeded for eternity.

I am loving The Wise Heart and could not stop laughing about the author’s take on delusion.  Here is the my favorite passage:  Sometimes we can cling to delusion even in the face of obvious danger.  I like the story about a man who is driving down the highway when he hears a safety alert on the radio:  “Anyone driving north on Interstate 187 should use great caution!  There is a car driving on the wrong side of the divided highway.”  The man glares through the windshield and mutters, “There’s not just one car driving the wrong way.  There are hundreds of them.”

How many times do we delude ourselves by living in the future?  I often hear friends say things like, “I cannot wait for the moment when happiness abounds and all I do is cast flies into the water all day.”  Another good friend told me,   “I will be so happy when my nagging mother-in-law moves to Florida.  The distance will negate her medalling.”  Mark Cuban recently had some excellent advice for the winner of the billion dollar Powerball lottery.  He said, “If you were not happy yesterday, winning will not make you happy tomorrow.”

The future created by the mind has only two forms.  One version is better than today and the other worse.  The first one creates pleasurable anticipation and the other stimulates anxiety.   Neither of these destinations are worthy of time because they are both illusions.

I have never travelled like the past 12 months.  Over the past 365 days, roughly 70 nights were spent in my bed at home. When a new adventure finds me, my close friends and family often roll their eyes and ask, “What will you do when you get there?”  My answer is simple, “No idea.  But I know it will be awesome.”

Learn to be happy in the moment and let the next one unfold as it is meant to be……