True Beauty

Kimoji is the hottest app on the planet.  For $1.99, you can join the masses and enjoy sending cartoon caricatures of Kim Kardashian’s ass, boobs, and even one with a tear running towards her plumped lips.  OMG.  Yes, OMG is also included in the electronic packet of 250 images that can be attached to texts, tweets, and even used on FB messages. This earth gyrating product debuted on Dec 21 and broke the apple app store.  On that day, over 9,000 were sold every second generating revenue exceeding $1M per minute.  Three weeks later, this is still the number one app.  One could make the argument that more than a few people actually look up and admire Kim as a role model.

On most days, I spend a chunk of time at the local health club.  A gym rat would be an appropriate term.  One of the many things I enjoy about my exercise time is meeting people.  Just like the Camino, the gym is filled with people from a broad swath of society. When choosing friends, I cast a wide net and always look forward to learning new things by surrounding myself with diversity. Young, old, hot, and cold are all welcome in my world.

A few years ago, I met an intriguing guy named Justin.  He was employed by the club and worked as a janitor.  His demeanor and attitude were over the top as he always had a smile when removing disgusting grime from the locker room floor or wiping white crusted white sweat off a stationary bike.  During several of out initial conversations, I noticed that one of his eyes seemed to stare into empty space. When I asked him about the wandering eye, he replied, “Oh that is no big deal. Diabetes took my sight in one eye and this is glass.  I am very lucky because most people do not realize that you really only need one to get by.”

Over the next year I enjoyed many inspiring conversations with him.  One day he was beaming about his new ride.  He had recently purchased a very used “mom van” on craigslist.  As a single man, he was preparing to pimp this rig by creating an imaginary family using stickers in his rear window.  He would often say, “What do you think, should I have three or four kids?”

About one year ago, I was saddened to learn that he would be transferring to the gym across town.  Last week, he unexpectedly showed up in the lobby of the club by my home.  Of course he was the first employee to volunteer to help out with a very labor intensive project.  After the small chat, I asked him about his diabetes.  He looked great so his response surprised me.  He said, “Well, things have been a little rough lately.  I am second on the list for a kidney and pancreas transplant.   It was looking good until they found a problem with my heart.  We are running some tests next week, but the dye will put me over the edge and force me into kidney dialysis. Dialysis only takes about four hours and they have Wi-Fi and I have a good book. I’m feeling pretty good about this whole process.”

This guy is a total rock star.  It is amazing how many unknown heroes walk around this planet and silently contribute wellness to a world in need of some serious medicine.  I hope we can stop rewarding the gigantic asses of the world and learn from those with an abundance of innate class.