The Beauty of Travel

Here is a short excerpt about time from A Million Steps:

“Later, I passed a sign pointing east with the word Santiago and 518 KM. This meant that in nine days of walking I had already covered about one-third of the Camino. It was a bit of a wake-up call as I felt time disintegrating at a rapid pace. I calculated that 17,740 days separated my birth from that day. If I am lucky and live to age 80, I had roughly 11,000 days to go.”

Last weekend, I was having lunch with a dear friend and we started to discuss my upcoming trip to India.  He rolled his eyes and said, “Are you still trying to find yourself?  I though that was your plan for both Caminos.”  The answer could easily be yes, but a better response is to explain the beauty of travel.

What do you really learn inside a cocoon of comfort?  Does staying inside your home, driving to work, and going to the grocery store expand your horizons?  Too much of any type of comfort will lead to a big rut.  Having a trip on your horizon gives you something out-of-bounds to look forward to.  It is an opportunity to open your head and heart to exploring this beautiful world.  Some need mountains while others prefer beaches. Some go a million miles per hour and others unplug to rest.  No matter the reason, the end zone is filled with memories that prevent life from becoming platitudinous.

Travel is an opportunity to take a vacation from your life.  Time and distance will always change perspectives.  Why not take advantage of both by traveling somewhere that allows you to see your life with distant eyes.  Your personal shore looks much different from a row boat.

Visiting a foreign land filled with strange customs, languages, and cuisine forces people into acceptance.  By being an outsider, you learn to survive everything.  The new found confidence is a hammer to the nails of fear.  Experience is the greatest teacher. Creating relationships with new people and places is a perfect classroom for the lessons of life.  It is a form of therapy that creates a newer and fresher version of you.

Do not be afraid to travel alone.  Traveling with a lover, business partner, friends, or family is always good, but the road less traveled is the solo journey.  My first time alone was a bit nerve wracking.  The cause is unknown, but there were many moments of insecurity.  My ego convinced me to feel like a lone diner in a packed restaurant.  Instead of taking advantage of the good fortune, I spent time worrying about what other people were thinking.  Age taught me to disregard this idiotic thought process.

Life is about compromise and we all do it on a daily basis.  Solo travel is one of the few arenas where this is left in the dust.  You choose everything from the destination, wake up time, restaurants, and the daily list of activities.  Group travel can quickly morph into an exercise in herding cats.

One of my favorite features of travel is to place myself in an environment where things are on the outer edges of my comfort zones.  From previous life experiences, I find that the best way to break the routines is to place myself is situations where things are outside of my comfort zones. Walking the Camino was an extreme version of this practice. I put myself in a foreign country, sleeping with strangers in bunk beds, walking, eating a different diet, not connected via cellphone, carrying all my possession on my back, and not really knowing where I would go each day. Autopilot disengages and I had a chance to fly the plane again. For me, personal growth happens in these unfamiliar territories.

Having a life account of about 10,000 more days until 80, my answer to should I stay is always go.