Unrestricted Flow

One of the many great things about taking A Million Steps  on the Camino de Santiago was to imbibe each moment without any relation to the previous or next.  It was like life was passing through me and I was able to glide along without letting my mind play its predictable melodramatic role.  It was a continuous journey of enjoying the moment, letting it go, and then experiencing the next moment.  It felt like I was winning life’s lottery every single day.

Life and energy are very much related and flow best when unobstructed.  Imagine being on hike along a mountainous trail.  You see red-tailed hawks surfing the air currents, snow-capped mountains on the horizon, and glistening sunlit diamonds dancing along the tops of still streams.  You may hear branches creaking in the howling wind and smell the fresh scent from a field of blooming lupins.  All of these sensory inputs are enjoyed and released. Suddenly, you see a pine cone.  The heart skips a beat, panic sets in, your mouth is dry, and you become derailed into the past.

Remember that exceptional and romantic weekend at the Pine Cone Inn.  It was the first true love and you have vivid images of the sensual escapades that occurred on that magic weekend.  How sad that the relationship eventually ended with such distrust and heartache.  If only happiness could prevail again.  And on and on and on.  Life just stopped passing through you and your free flowing energy becomes severely restricted.

The mind just removed you from the current moment and like a whirlpool, it begins to suck you underwater.  It tows people to the vast wasteland of unresolved issues that are stuffed inside and never exposed to the light of day.  The openness to free flowing energy has just clogged life similar to a gigantic clot in a major artery.

You could easily be walking on mars at night because the mind shuts off all sensory inputs from your beautiful nature hike.  Life has been sidelined and the mind takes control of the plane and promptly nosedives into the ground.

Things that happened need to be exposed to sunlight, fully processed, and then released.  The good, the bad, and the coyote ugly.  Unprocessed sadness is a magnet for stimulation and ages like raw hamburger in the sun.   Much better to take the mega dose of pain today instead of dying a  slow death by a million recurring stings.

After the closets are sparking clean, make sure that new events are not allowed to grow roots and become problems. Practice by letting go of small things and then rapidly progress to the biggies.  If someone cuts you off in traffic, just let if flow through you without becoming attached.  Nothing matters unless you decide it matters.  Realize that you are the gatekeeper to inner freedom.  Cede victory to the mind and just move on.

There will always be something that will attempt to rob you of the current moment. Do not let yesterday’s dramas obscure the problem free moments that greet us on a continuous and free-flowing basis.


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