That Voice

While taking A Million Steps on the Camino de Santiago, I was able to totally disconnect.  Without the constant pressure of life hammering me with emails and voicemails, I was able to live in the moment.  Being present gave me a precious gift by silencing that inner voice that never shuts up.

Ever have this conversation with yourself?  “That light was almost red.  Good thing there was no cop at the intersection.  Red is a great color.  Valentines day is coming up next week.  What should I get my lover?  Will I ever marry?  Am I with the right person?  Why did my dad get divorced so many times.  Am I cursed?  Oh crap, I forgot asparagus at the store.”

If your friends, family, or lover ever talked in this  non-stop manner you would likely strangle them.  If you actually vocalized the internal conversations you would be escorted to a padded cell after being diagnosed with schizophrenia.  Why do you tolerate it within yourself?

The voice could care less what side it takes or what it promotes.  This built in survival mechanism makes sure that it never stops the incessant chatter.  The best way to silence this little devil is to take a step back and become the observer.  The one that hears the voice.  The voice is an object, not you.

Imagine if someone placed a rock, paper, and scissors in front of you and asked which one is you.  The hopeful answer is none of the above as they are all objects that you view.  Approach the voice with the same manner and you will be well onto the path towards silence.  Just realizing that it is an object is significant.

Give your internal voice an alien tone, like Fred Flintstone, to advance the separation.  Next, give it an imaginary physical body and make it your roommate. Would you ever allow any person to talk to you the way the voice treats you?  Try to become the one that observes the unwanted roommate.

As a conscious observer you will be in a position to detach.  Do not marry the voice when it tosses a compliment and do not file for divorce when it cold cocks you. Instead, observe the lunacy and let it go without any attachment.

There is very little in life that we actually control.  Life happens with little regard to our thoughts.  Try to prevent tomorrow’s sunrise with a thought.   Things are usually very good, but become bad when the voice inserts commotion into the current, future, or past situation.   It narrates the world for you by creating a barrier between you and reality.  It twists the real world to recreate the outside world so you can live in the distorted comfort of the mind.

Try to muzzle the intruder.