Twirling Attractions

During my journey on the Camino de Santiago, I felt like I had won the lottery of life each and every day of the trip.   It was 28 straight days of walking with an elated feelings of joy and happiness. At first, I was sure the streak would end, but the longer it continued, the more it became an expectation for each day.  Was it luck or the universe sending me a powerful message?

I am currently reading a book by Wayne Dyer and Esther Hicks titled, “Co-Creating at Its Best:  A conversation Between Master Teachers.”  Do you remember going to the circus and seeing the man with multiple plates spinning on thin wooden dowels?  This book argues that each morning we jump on a spinning disk and our vibrational frequency attracts a like signal.  In other words, wake up and start spinning on the victim disk and you will find yourself surrounded by victims and thinking victimized thoughts.

The constant spinning of these thoughts begins to gather momentum.  Maybe there is a reason things happen in threes.  The story is universal.  You are late for a meeting and the school text tells you that your angel of a child has clipped wings.  In the midst of the unpleasant moment, you push the pedal and suddenly a klingon motorcycle cop appears from nowhere.  The co-authored book suggests that we have a choice of our spinning disk.

The first and most important path to the positive platter is to acknowledge your current location.  This is not a time to blame or feel sympathy for yourself, just a chance to realize that is may be you that is attracting these continuous situations.  In that moment, change your thoughts and the law will bring you what you want.  Attitude, thoughts, and actions determine your magnetic destiny.

Taking this concept back to Spain, the Camino presents many obstacles on a daily basis.  It may be an unexpected downpour, an eruption of a blister, or missing the last bed at the Albergue.  All of these events can easily knock you off the good dish into the swirling undercurrent of self pity.  Guess what happens next?  Next time you feel the gravitational pull into the abyss, stay positive.

There is nothing to lose so why not give it a spin?