As Is

For whatever reason, I feel that the Camino de Santiago is calling me.  I answered by booking a ticket to Madrid for May 13, 2015.  I will  spend 42 days journeying along my favorite path.  Just like any other adventure, I am trying  to depart without expectations, but this will be difficult on round II.  My first experience was such a life changing event that resulted in a book, a public speaking career, and endless encounters with some incredible people.  I have some fear that my love for this trail could be charred by pushing my luck.  This is an opportunity for me to employ one of the many life lessons learned on my maiden voyage.  That lesson is acceptance, without judgement, without wishing for otherwise.

The first step is to appreciate that life is unpredictable.  Nothing is permanent, everything changes, and many curve balls will continue to transform you.  Learning to accept and embrace this concept is the difference between chaos and alignment. Resistance is a lint brush picking up every piece of debris on a sweater.  Acceptance is water flowing effortlessly down a river.  Which one sounds like a better way to harmonize with the current moment?

Cultivating acceptance does note come naturally and takes work.  Incorporating this concept into daily life will likely help with the future crises that are inevitable for all people.  Surrender to the current moment prevents the ego from taking center stage and thriving on turbulence.   Accepting the weather is one of the best ways to test this theory.  As an experiment, the next time the weather does not cooperate, put on the appropriate attire and continue with things as planned.  The alternative is to bitch, whine, and moan.   Think that will stop the wind or change the temperature?  Next, try to accept bigger problems with open arms and peel back layers to expose the silver linings. Choosing to fight pits a person against the universe.  Resistance will always prolong the negative.  Acceptance is not liking or approving of something. It is about letting life flow and unfold without getting in the way.

When the wheels leave the ground on May 13,  I will depart without any expectations and be open to whatever the Camino decides to teach me for round II.