9/14 is an important date in my life.  Two years ago on this day, I found myself standing at the base of the Pyrenees Mountains getting ready to take my first of A Million Steps on the Camino de Santiago.  This walk forever changed my life.  One year ago, I spent the day with 600 friends in Boise during two screenings of Walking the Camino:  Six Ways to Santiago.  The director brought her film to Boise for my book launch.

Many people believe that arriving in Santiago is the end of the journey.  For me, it was just the beginning. Writing and self-publishing a book was an incredible experience.  That project consumed most of the first year.  The last year seems like I never left the trail as I dove into full-time promotion of the book and speaking.  My motto throughout this process has been to let go of the outcome and just do my best each day to touch a few souls.

Looking back, it has been an exceptionally enjoyable year.  I sold over 6,000 books and have almost 300 positive reviews on Amazon.  I have given my presentation to over 5000 people at 100 events in 5 states.  20 magazines have featured stories about my book.  50 radio programs have interviewed me including a coast-to-coast broadcast on NPR.  I made a few television appearances and was thrilled to be a featured guest of Marcia Franklin on PBS.  This post is the 106th to be added to my blog library.  I also had one-on-one meetings with over 50 people to help them plan their trips.  Starbucks on Apple and Boise Avenue appreciates the business.

From a financial perspective, this is not my wisest move.  I have essentially worked two years without pay and find myself in red ink.  While there may be a potential pot of gold down the road, today I am blessed to have found my purpose.

I spent most of my life living in a cocoon of comfort where I was the center of the universe.  Fear creates an imaginary fence around this bubble.  It keeps us corralled by not wanting to be judged or subject to failure.  The Camino helped me to transgress these walls.  It allowed me to become less self-centered, and begin to have a wider view. Everything changed, from letting go of fear and anger, to changing my habits and finding a path that matters.

By finding your purpose, you will learn to be bigger than yourself. You’ll learn that life is a treasured gift, and we must make the most of it, and not waste a second. You’ll learn that all the money in the world is NOT more fulfilling than making the lives of others a little better.