While walking A Million Steps on the Camino de Santiago, I had the pleasure of meeting many strangers from all corners of the globe. Given our common walking goal, the formation of the bonds were instant. There were several people that I met for only minutes, yet felt compelled to share their stories in my book.

A few days ago, I received an email message through my website. These are always fun because they are typically from strangers. Here is the text: Buen Camino Kurt! The mystery of the Camino continues, my friend. I have often wondered about you and how you were doing but I didn’t have any contact information for you until today. I ordered what I thought sounded like an interesting book about the Camino from Amazon and it arrived today. I wish you could have seen my face when I noticed your photo on the back of the book! I was thrilled beyond measure to say the least. Many of my experiences on the Camino were profound and life changing and I too have been privileged to share this with numerous groups. What a blessing it is to hold your book in my hand. I have no plans this evening so I will read your book and reminisce about the Camino and friends made along the way. Feel free to keep in touch! Bonnie…a fellow pilgrim.

Unfortunately, I could not place Bonnie, so I responded with the following message: I am in the midst of a brain gap. How do we know each other? I am thrilled that you have my book and would love to have seen your face when you made the connection. I wish you could see my face when I connect the dots! Lets pick a time and chat on the phone. I hope you enjoy the book!!

Her dot-connectig reply put me on cloud nine.

This is a paragraph from the book that explains out initial dinner: I enjoyed a wonderful meal with Mikkel, Fred, and our new friend Bonnie. The Galician stew became my new favorite staple, and we feasted on fresh salmon that could have been served at The Four Seasons in Manhattan. I took pictures of everyone at the table, once again recording the genuine smiles that exemplified our enjoyment of this journey. There was no need to expose teeth with fake grins.

Bonnie was one of those people that radiated happiness. It beamed out of every pore and flowed from her contagious smile. I can close my eyes and see her round cheeks framed by short red hair. After our meal, I bid farewell, but had a lingering hope that this woman would come back into my life. My wish was granted when I saw her during the pilgrim’s mass at the cathedral in Santiago.

As a result of this serendipitous moment, Bonnie also reconnected me with Mikkel in Denmark and Fred in Washington. I send my Danish friend a FB message and called Fred at his home on Saturday.

With over six billion people on the planet, I am lucky that the universe decided to put Bonnie back in my life!