Attitude of Gratitude

While walking on the magic path in Spain, I did not have a care in the world.  Each day, I woke up, packed my stuff, ate food, walked, enjoyed people, basked in nature, and stayed in the moment.  Being in a constant state of challenge, physical and mental, forced me to abandon thoughts of yesterday and tomorrow.  In a natural manner, worry was purged from my mind.

Upon my return to Boise, I decided to make a cognizant effort to eliminate worry from my life.  I came to a simple conclusion that worry and happiness are not good candidates for cohabitation.  Worry suffocates the latter.  Give it a try…..see if you can worry about something and be happy at the same time.  It is like trying to view a beautiful sunset through a pirate’s eye patch.

Is happiness a choice?

A few days ago, I sat down and made a list of the things that are a source of worry in my life.  There were eight entries on a large piece of white paper.  I quickly determined that five of the eight items were completely beyond my control.  Push yourself into the same exercise.  Can you really write down more than ten things?  How many do you control?

The second half of this exercise if to make a list of gratitude.  Here is the stripped down version of the pleasant portion of this exercise.

1.  I am alive.  2.  I have a roof.  3.  Food is abundant.  4.  Baby wood ducks swim behind my house.  5.  The air conditioner keeps me cool.  6  Stocks are up.  7.  I am free of illness.  8.  Pat and Karen are new friends.  9.  I am reading three great books.  10.  An Olympic athlete passed me on my bike ride to Bogus.  11.  I met a best friend’s infant granddaughter (Scarlett).  12. Maliza became my marketing assistant.  13.  Carlos took me on a mountain bike ride.  14.  Wildflowers are blooming in hills.  15.  Three groups asked to hear my presentation.  16.  My book is almost complete.  17.  Jim took me on a mountain bike ride.  18.  The cat purrs.  19.  Neighbor Bob gave me a copy of his new book.  19.  I reconnected with two lovely ladies from the Camino (Joyce and Ella).  20.  My website had a record number of hits.  21.  I sleep well.  22.  I poop well.  23.  My neighbors invited me to dinner tonight.  24.  I had lunch with Rachael.  25.  I heard a great band play downtown.  26.  My yard looks great.  27.  I saw a heron.  28.  Oprah called, not really, just seeing if you read this.  29.  My car runs well.  30.  I have two new favorite songs.  31.  Arrested Development is back.  32.  My Kindle rocks.  33.  A stranger sent an email with her flight reservations to Spain.  34.  I have great friends.  35.  I have great family.  36.  The sun is shining.  37.  My Mom is in Canada visiting my Sister.  38.  I found a new trail.  39.  I took a nap.  40.  Chocolate Cream puffs are on tonight’s menu.  41.   I watched a beautiful movie.  42.  My friend Dexter helped with the book.  43.  The river opens for tubing.  44.  I had lunch with Tim.  45.  Andrew sent me an email with a story from the 9th grade.  46.  My vision is excellent.  47.  I am sober.  48.  Watermelons are in season.  49.  Rainier cherries hit the shelves.  50.    My friend Meagan found love.  51.  I had a double caramel magnum ice cream bar.  52.  Iris became a Facebook friend.  53.  Brad came to hear my speech.  54.  Adele is serenading me as I type.  55.  I saw a great inspiring video on Ted Talks.  56.  People read my blogs.  57.  I spoke to the Eagle Chamber of Commerce today.  58.  I worked out this AM.  59.  I smile often.  60.  My sprinklers work.  61.  I have sprinklers.  62.  I have a positive attitude.

I choose to see the unrestricted sunset!