Water Nooner

As a result of the Idaho Statesman Story, Steve Lester asked me to speak to the Idaho Department of Water Resources.  On April 9, I had the honor of being the featured guest for a lunch chat about my trip through Spain.  As a gracious host, Steve made a special trip to the Boise Co-Op and brought me an exquisite turkey sandwich.  I had agreed to speak for free, but this was a nice added touch from a classy guy.

I spent a little over an hour with about 40 people from this department.  The Idaho Department of Water Resources serves the people of Idaho and protects their welfare by making sure water is conserved and available to sustain Idaho’s economy, ecosystem and the resulting quality of life. IDWR provides a variety of services for the public, such as water rights research, historical record reproduction of water rights, driller’s reports, and dam safety inspections.

I would like to thank all of  these fine people for taking time out of their day to listen to my presentation.