Noetic Easter

Several months ago, a very special woman named Wilma made contact with me.  She was interested in having me speak to the Boise Chapter of The Institute of Noetic Sciences.  About one year ago, I happened to see a movie that left a lasting and positive imprint on my life.  The inspirational movie was titled “I Am” and was directed by a fine man named Tom Shadyac.  During the film, they spent quite a bit of time talking about this particular form of science.

In order to make sure this would be a good fit for her members, we met at a coffee shop to go through the presentation.  About a 90 minutes later, we were both high on caffeine and inspired by the talk.  A new friendship developed out of thin air.  On Easter Sunday, I picked up my new friend and we drove to the Boise Unitarian Universalist Fellowship center in Garden City, ID.  Prior to leaving her home, I had the pleasure of meeting her daughter.

There were about 35 people that attended the presentation and it lasted for about 90 minutes.  This was a most receptive audience.  After the speech, I drove Wilma back home.  I feel fortunate to have spent this holiday with such a nice group of people and being able to talk about my adventure through Spain.

Living the dream……