Back to Reality

I am extremely fortunate to have spent the last six weeks in Palm Springs, CA with my Mom.  She owns a timeshare in the area and we have been making the annual trek to the desert for 23 years.  I do not have a girlfriend this year, so this was the first solo trip in many moons.  The weather was perfect with daytime temps hovering in the upper seventies each day.  I maintained my daily workout plan with visits to the local Gold’s Gym.  My Mom kept the economy afloat with endless trips to a wide variety of stores.  We took a nice day trip through Joshua National Park during a big rainstorm.  At the BNP Paribas Open, we saw Andy Murray, Roger Federer, Maria Sharapova, Victoria Azarenka, and many other top professionals from throughout the world.  The hikes through Indian Canyons are absolutely unbelievable.  If there is a sweet tooth in your body, the Napoleon at Manhattan’s needs to be a high priority.

Since returning from the Camino de Santiago in October of 2012, my entire life has been focused on writing my book, speaking about the trip, or some form of self promotion to enhance these efforts.  In Palm Springs, my intent was to spend a few hours each day writing my book.  It did not happen.  Instead, I read the 50 Shades of Grey series while lounging by the pool.

I did turn my first draft over to the world’s greatest editor, Jeanette Germain, prior to leaving for California.  While I was enjoying the vacation, she was diligently shaping my words into chapters that flow along several deep and  fascinating story lines.  Each time she completes a chapter, it arrives in my email inbox with several writing assignments that require my inputs.  While this is my first attempt at writing, I know that I could not have found a better partner to help complete this project.

With a disgustingly tan body, I returned to Boise on March 29 to find a yard with green and growing grass.  The geese are reproducing and the little yellow beauties are learning how to eat my grass while taking swimming lessons in the creek behind my house.  Neighbor Bob had shoulder surgery from a ski accident and is recovering in his lazy boy recliner.

Just like the Camino walk, the six week break in CA was a great time to live and enjoy each and every moment.  With a clear and refreshed mind, I am resuming my daily work on the book, speeches, and endless self promotion to enhance these efforts.  I have eight speeches lined up for April and about six appointments with individuals that are planning to walk the trail.  I am am working on the revisions to Chapter 11 and Jeanette is plowing into Chapter 21.  Together, a second draft is almost a reality.