Movie Star

As the journey continues, today was another first for me. Rick Douglas from KBOI TV in Boise called me and made arrangements for a television interview at my home. He arrived with their top camera man, Clyn Richards, at my home in SE Boise. For no apparent reason, I expected them to do the filming inside my home. When they arrived, they asked me to put on a jacket for some outside action. I put on a fleece pullover, grabbed my walking stick, and spent the next hour walking up and down by street while Rick asked questions and Clyn carried the camera. The neighbors were peering out the windows with curiosity as this is not the norm for our quite little hood. Clyn was very interested in collecting the sound of my stick “clacking” on the pavement.

After about an hour, we retreated to my home office and continued the interview. It was very natural and relaxed. These people did a great job of making me feel at ease for my first television experience. Shortly after the interview, I did a quick change of clothes and was whisked off to the airport to begin a six week vacation to Palm Springs, California. When I arrive, I may fit in with the Hollywood crowd now that television experience can be added to my list of achievements.

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