My Inner Zig Zigglar

While I was not writing about the Camino, I was busy flapping my jaws about the adventure. It did not matter who, what, or where… I miraculously turned the conversation into a discussion about my trip in Spain. In my previous business life, my expertise was in sales and marketing. The engineering crown had little use for me. Anyway, one of the talents associated with being a decent sales person is to listen to the customer. 99% of the time, they will tell you exactly what they want to fulfill their needs. If there was genuine interest the questions would begin to flow. Well, after I started the Camino conversations, my friends, family, and enemies began to pepper me with a barrage of inquiries about the adventure. They wanted to know the what, how, and why.

I began to wonder if this quest for Camino knowledge extended beyond the people that were near and dear to me (or my enemies). With that in mind, I used the time that I was not writing the book to prepare an inspirational presentation about the journey.