Channeling My Inner Hemmingway

During my time on the trails in Spain, I thought about writing a book. I was relatively sure that it may happen, but there is a grand canyon between the concept and sitting down to a blank screen. I decided to give it a shot and began a new daily routine. I hope to write a book that will allow the reader to get inside my head and shoes as if they were on the actual Camino. The shoe part would be easy but the head part is usually a guarded vault. Oh well, open kimono season was about to begin. I had written a daily journal that would provide an outline and used the internet and guidebook for additional insights. The best aid was having 2,295 photographs to stimulate some very recent and fond memories. My new espresso maker provided the buzz and the thousands of songs on my computer set the mood. Suddenly, I became an author.

Well, the book adventure took on a life of its own. I was suddenly writing about my trip seven days a week and spending 2-4 hours at my computer. While my Spain foot blister began to heal, I began to develop calluses on the tips on my fingers from repeated keyboard strokes. Could carpal be in my future?

Sure looks like the Delta Airline wheels down on October 15 is not the end of this journey!