I truly feel like I’ve won the lottery

Woke up in my one star hotel and took a nice warm shower. Filled the tub with hot water and soaked my feet while eating some bread, banana, and apple. I walked without effort in a relaxed manner for the entire day. If you are interested, there is a book titled “Walking in a Relaxed Manner” that has been getting rave reviews from my fellow walkers. The scenery was (like a broken record) divine all day under cloudy skies with a few raindrops. Found out why my poncho was so cheap when a hole erupted down the back. My excitement for the finish is much greater than anticipated.

My final Albergue could not be better. There are no bunks or rails to constrict my legs or feet. My clothes are enjoying their third machine wash in thirty days.

I truly feel like having won the lottery every day for thirty straight ones. I go to sleep thinking that things cannot be as good as or better than the previous 24 hours. To my amazement, the next day always meets or exceeds. If I can bring back 1% of my positive energy, my entire life will be enriched beyond my dreams.

I plan to leave early in the morning. There is a 12:00 PM mass at the cathedral in Santiago for pilgrims. I hope to be there. I also expect the arrival to be quite emotional. Really looking forward to the next three nights in my five star hotel. The only one snoring in the room will be me.

Buen Camino,