42.3 miles left

Here is a day in the life of a Peregrino. I usually wake up around 5:30-6:30 in a room full of people that snore. With so much participation, there is actually a harmony. Ear plugs treat me well during the sleeping hours. I am lucky. After waking, I quietly gather my junk and stuff it into my rucksack. My next step is to find a kitchen, bathroom, or rest area to exploit the illumination and privacy. My feet require some minor medical attention with foot powder and bandages for the original blister and one toe. With the light, I pack in an orderly fashion and depart. The first stop may be a block or seven KM and always involves coffee and toast with butter and jam. Most mornings are dark, so the yellow arrows attempt to hide from my headlamp. The mindless part is to walk for 6-9 hours. Upon arrival, I usually check three or four Albergues before making the critical decision. After unpacking, the next agenda item is showering. The water pressure and temp is always a mystery. Laundry is done in a basin with a bar of soap and hopefully dried outdoors. The wet stuff finds a home outside my pack in the morning. I write in the journal, check the net, and then visit the village. Around 7:00, I find friends for dinner. The lights go out around 8:30-9:30. Next day: Same.

Mikkel is my new shadow. We have shared three meals and have been in the same albergues for the past four nights. Last night in a room of 60, he was in the bunk above me. When I woke up he was long gone. Without any planning, he is on one of four beds in tonight’s room. Please understand that there are at least 10 different options for Albergue in this city.

I now look forward to arriving in Santiago on Thursday. I am planning to stay at a nice hotel for three nights before flying to Madrid on Sunday. There is a Spanish holiday on Friday, so there will be a big fiesta in Santiago. I may take a bus to Finisterre on Sat.

42.3 miles left on this journey.

Buen Camino,