There is never a sense of loneliness

Had a big dinner with Alberto (Spain), Zenira (Brazil), Lou (Vermont), Courtney (Australia), Melinda/Annette (South Africa), and Mikkel (Denmark). There is a tremendous sense of community throughout the Camino. Everyone is always welcome at any table. Each person has some form of nagging pain, yet the conversations are always positive and uplifting. The cherry on the sundae was three of four empty beds in my Albergue room. Sleeping alone is pretty special.

If the end of this trip is like death, I am not beyond the acceptance stage. 674 unique kilometers are now part of my memory and the remaining 115 seem like such a small quantity. With my slower pace, arrival in Santiago by Thursday is inevitable.

I was with people for most of the day. It hampers the deeper thoughts, but does provide some companionship. It was Annette’s 47th birthday today. After cake and coffee con leche in Sarria, she departed for another village. Her gratitude for sharing the day was very emotional in a good way. Three people accompanied her to the next destination and the remaining group of four dispersed to find shelter in the current city. No matter how many times I say goodbye to a friend, there is never a sense of loneliness.

I have walked on many surfaces including the following: cobblestones, mud, sand, pebbles, pavement, solid rock, bricks, stairs, hard pack dirt, fresh cut hay, rocks in streams, bridges, curbs, and many more. My feet are still in tantrum stage.

Buen Camino,