I hope there is no video

During yesterday’s marathon, friends and family of the runners were in small groups to cheer on their loved ones. With some gratuitous solicitation, I extracted a few claps for myself.

Breakfast at the Spa Hotel was divine. I ate tomatoes, cheese, eggs, toast, pan dolce, cereal, coffee con leche, orange juice, and thinly sliced meats. Roberta would not do well in the mornings here as oatmeal has not been seen since the USA. Sleeping at the hotels is definitely more restful. Not only is the Albergue noise a nuisance, but I do not fit in the beds. I can almost get a full stretch by using precise geometry to maximize the corner to corner length. Hard to do this while awake and impossible to achieve during sleep.

Left the hotel around 8:00 and walked alone for about two hours. The mornings are now very cold (below 40) and the afternoons require shedding of layers. I spent some time with two delightful lovers from Australia. Jessie and James (I cannot make this shit up) met at the university in Wagga Wagga Australia. After their recent graduations, they came to Europe for two years of backpacking and ended up on the Camino. Before talking to them, I noticed that they had three walking sticks. Odd. I was pleased to meet Pepe, Pedro, and Dante. Dante was a natural stick and the other two were purchased at la tienda. A few days ago, they thought about burying Dante and buying a replacement. At an Albergue, someone kidnapped the young wood. While mourning, they procured Pedro. While walking today, Dante was found in a village with a note of apology attached. Ansel took a snap of the note.

I was thinking about the elderly man from yesterday. His attempt to solve the communication problem was more volume and rapid fire. Insane. Like many problems in life, a new approach would have been nice. Perhaps a form of Pictionary could have bridged the understanding gap.

I finally figured out how to describe being on the Camino. It is like being in love. Music sounds better, food is tastier, and each step has an extra bounce. Prior to meeting Roberta, I had never experienced this feeling. I am a lucky man!!

During “Praise You” by Fatboy Slim, Duran morphed into a keyboard and a microphone. I hope there is no video.

The Camino is eating my shoes. The Vibram soles of my Patagonia shoes are missing a tooth. Not sure if they will make the entire trip. No matter what, they will remain in Spain.

I am up to 1,472 pictures. Every night I review the photos to relive the day. During this time, I remove every shot that is not a masterpiece. To date, I have parted ways with 7.

Buen Camino,