I walked alone

Today was just a nice relaxing Sunday. I left Albergue Jesus at 6:00 AM under clear skies, a bright full moon, and crisp cool fall weather. It was 40 degrees at best. My new gloves almost took the edge off the chill. Walking in the dark WITHOUT a head light was a new experience. The sunrise was spectacular. Around 8:30, I found the first village and stopped for some food. Enjoyed coffee, toast, and fresh squeezed orange juice for a whopping 4 Euros. It was sheer delight. I walked alone for 95% of the day today.

Another highlight was during a break with an elderly local man. My attempts to communicate were marginal at best. We did share some smiles. The less I understood the faster and louder he peppered me with Espanol. He did make me laugh when he removed his cap to show me his bald dome. I think he was jealous of my Q-Ball look. I took his picture, shed mucho clothes for the warmer weather, and departed. I forgot to mention that the Meseta ended at Leon. Mountains were quite a site after many days on flat ground. There were more trees in the Meseta than expected from the advice of the veterans.

There was a 1/2 marathon on the Camino which added a bit of change to the routine. The end of the 31KM day ended in Astorga, a town with 12,000 residents. I found a beautiful hotel and am typing from a most gorgeous lobby. This is quite a change from the spartan life of a peregrino.

You have met many of my new friends via these posts. I wonder if I have ever been introduced to strangers in a similar manner.

Buen Camino,