On the Camino, All People Walk Like Penguins

I woke up in another hotel. The privacy was nice. This was a cheap place for rest. It was very cool and crisp in the AM. I would imagine around 45 degrees at best. The stars were shining when I started the walk at 7:00. Like all days, the sunrise is spectacular. There is hope for warmth and the illumination creates a great landscape. I was thinking that there is only one person (Eugina) ahead of me that I have actually spoken too. Since we are a gigantic family, I know there are many friends ahead of me.

Before Burgos, she told me a story about a stranger making her a necklace. He asked her to pick a stone from his satchel. After choosing, he quickly wrapped some wire around the rock and added some rope with a clasp. He added a yellow arrow to the rock. I had regrets that I did not take a photo. I bet it will become her most prized piece of jewelry.

The clouds were low all day. With a good heave, my stick may be able to reach the dreaming.

About 32KM into the day, I came upon a small village, and saw Eugina sitting alone by the Albergue. We chatted for about 15 minutes and I got my photo of her necklace. I thought about staying, but decided to make another 8KM to Sahagun. It makes for a much better logistical day tomorrow.

If you ever wonder how little bags of black seeds make it to the mini-mart, I have the answer. The sunflowers are everywhere. I cannot remember a day without passing a field of these jewels. Most are dark, dying, and ready for harvest. Few are fresh and a vibrant yellow. All are very stiff and rigid with their faces pointing towards the ground. During the winds yesterday, a fresh field did a most enjoyable dance for me. Without any rhythm or synchronization they randomly swayed and bobbed. The only common movement was north to south in a manner similar to bowing. It was my chillgasm for the day.

In Palm Springs old people walk like penguins. In the evenings on the Camino, all people walk like penguins.

Buen Camino,