Not sure which is more callused, my head or feet

I had dinner with Angelo and Sandra last night. They were born in Cuba and left in 1966. They became engaged prior to leaving, but were not able to leave at the same time. Both had some wealth, but it was completely taken when they left the country. He left with $20 and she was able to keep five outfits. They reunited and were married in the US. They are big fins of the US. He is 7S and she is 70. This is their 4th Camino with the first happening in 2007. He has been to Nampa to hunt chukars.

I woke up to monk chanting music at the Albergue. I left in the dark around 6:30. About 10 minutes into the day, I realized that my stick was at the hostel. I wonder which encounters happened and which were avoided due to the retracement. After about an hour, I arrived in Najera. Today is fiesta day and there were large rockets with very loud booms flying everywhere.

Later, I met a lady from France named Solange. She spoke very little English, but did show me a plant that with the herb Anise. It was a nice and unexpected treat to be able to eat the seeds. So far, I have eaten red peppers, blackberries, anise, and grapes from the Camino.

Not sure which is more callused, my head or feet. For whatever reason, I did a long day with 38KM. Most days I get so deep into my head that China Syndrome is always a concern. Today was long on the miles but light in the head.

Saw a man walking with one sandal and one hiking boot. When I got closer, I recognized his stick. It was Peter. He is hurt, but still trekking.

Tonight, I am at a small church Albergue. There is no fee, but donations are accepted. This included dinner that is prepared by the group and breakfast. They ran out of beds, so I am in an open room with about 30 people on the floor with mats. When I was “checking in”, I started to massage my own feet. The women spoke Spanish, but I heard the word reflex massage. Later on, she found me and gave me a 40 minute foot massage. She is a volunteer at the church and did this as a good deed. I was completely overwhelmed and my feet felt like rock stars.

Buen Camino,