“This trip lit my pilot light. I want to make sure I keep it lit.”

With 500 miles of stories and thousands of photos to draw from, Kurt enjoys talking to groups about his Camino adventure. A dynamic and versatile speaker, he personalizes his presentations for each group, around themes pertinent to their environment and goals. Oh, and he's fun!

These topics are generally geared toward business issues such as helping teams facing adversity while incorporating ideas that help them break down both the physical and psychological barriers around them. Initial topics include the following, however can be customized to suit your company’s specific needs:

  • Camino Facts & History
  • A Typical Day
  • Facing Adversity on the Camino & in Business
  • Tools for Thinking Outside the Box
  • Unique Insights for Problem Solving

“The crowd was engrossed…”


“Many wanted more!”

-Bob Barr said of a recent presentation to the Emeritus Guild of Boise State University.

Kurt, having grown up around alcoholism and having broken free from the chains of dependence himself, brings a unique perspective with him when speaking to groups of individuals struggling with addiction and dependence.His own personal history is captured and brought forth while exploring his own A Million Steps on the Camino de Santiago while reflecting on the experience that has shaped his new life.

The more I let go of worries and things beyond my control, the more things began to fall into perfect and satisfying order.

An avid cyclist and Camino enthusiast, Kurt enjoys the great outdoors both domestic and foreign.Spend a little time with Kurt learning about what you’d need for an adventure trip, how to plan ahead, what to take, what to skip, and how to lavish in it all while being practical and frugal.Topics Include:

  • Camino de Santiago
  • European Bicycling Excursions
  • Cycling the Pacific Northwest
  • Trekking through many US National Forests

Where do I buy the book?
-Recent Attendee


Interested parties are invited to call Kurt at 208-345-6421 to arrange a speaking engagement. Download the Speaker Media Information Packet

I recently heard Kurt Koontz speak at a conference at Boise State University. Most of the participants were university professors, usually a difficult audience to impress. The presentation was stunning; after it was over, no one wanted to leave.

It was so much more than a “travel log” of a great adventure. Kurt Koontz invited us inside his head and his heart and shared with us a journey of the soul. For an hour, everyone in the room was “on the trail”, sharing the laughter and the tears; the long day drudgery of a 20 mile hike and the exhilaration of an end of day “shower, hot meal and a bed about 18 inches too short”. This is a presentation not to be missed. If you can’t actually do the Camino de Santiago, at least do the next best thing: hear this presentation!

You might also beware: if you hear the presentation, you might well find yourself pouring over maps of Spain and talking to your boss about a leave of absence.

– Bob Barr, Dean Emeritus, College Education, Boise State University

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