My Feet Hurt and My Ass is Sore

All is can say is wow. In fact double wow is not enough. I woke up in St. Jean in a cramped hostel with 12 people in a room that is smaller than our bedroom. Had some coffee, bread, and began the walk. From what people tell me, today is by far the most difficult day. We did 1500 meters of elevation and walked 28 Kilometers. Get your calculators out and do the math. My feet hurt and my ass is sore. We were in and out of fog, sun, and rolling clouds all day. Saw tons of sheep, wild horses, and at least 30 bald eagles. At the top of the hill, I saw three at one time. It was completely astounding. I walked most of the day with a 59 year old man from Germany and a 22 year old man from Poland. I met people from Korea, Switzerland, France, Hungary, and Arizona. The young man from Poland was the best. He realized that anything can happen when he was 19 and saw Pearl Jam. It was his favorite band, and if he could see them, then nothing in life could not be accomplished. I am still smiling. The Hostel here is extremely nice. It is 10 Euros and has laundry, a great hot shower, wonderful beds, and decent privacy. They tell me it is one of the best on the entire Camino. Heading out for some sun and looking forward to starting my journal.

Buen Camino,